Frank Ocean suing producer who claims he co-wrote songs on ‘Blonde’

Ocean is seeking a legal injunction against producer Om'Mas Keith.

Frank Ocean is suing producer Om'Mas Keith for his 2016 album Blonde after that producer tried to claim songwriting credit.

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Frank Ocean is suing producer Om’Mas Keith to prevent him from claiming songwriting credit on the 2016 album Blonde.

Keith reportedly claims he “co-wrote 11 songs” on Blonde and wants the credit for it. According to TMZ, Ocean has filed suit to block Keith. The producer has worked with numerous musical heavyweights including Jay-Z and Erykah Badu.

Ocean’s legal documents contend that Keith did not “contribute any lyrics, melodies, or music that would give rise to any claim of authorship.” Ocean argues that Keith was paid a flat fee to produce the master recordings on the album back in 2014.

“A complaint has been filed against Om’Mas Keith who has falsely stated to have written certain songs which appear on the album Blonde,” reps for Ocean told Pitchfork. “These claims are untrue and this issue is being dealt with by litigators.”

The two had previously worked together on Channel Orange, which was released in 2012.

Keith is currently listed on ASCAP’s database as a co-writer for several Blonde tracks, including “Nights,” “Pink + White” and “Ivy.” Ocean’s lawsuit asks that Keith be removed from the Blonde ASCAP credits. He’s also requesting a legal injunction that would prevent Keith from claiming he co-wrote any of the music.

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‘Blonde’ Grammy Controversy

This is not the first time Blonde has been at the center of a controversy. The album has been a hit with critics and fans alike, but it’s also been a way for Ocean to make a statement.

Ocean opted not to submit Blonde for Grammy consideration in a move that he compared at the time to Colin Kaepernick.

“That institution certainly has nostalgic importance,” Ocean told the New York Times. “It just doesn’t seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down.”

“I think the infrastructure of the awarding system and the nomination system and screening system is dated,” he went on. “I’d rather this be my Colin Kaepernick moment for the Grammys than sit there in the audience.”