Anthony and Zelda Morris
Anthony and Zelda Morris (Photo courtesy of Toledo Police Department)

A Sunday School teacher in Ohio was mortified when, just before services were set to begin. She never expected that the church’s pastor and his family would rob her at gunpoint.

Nickema Turner said that she was at the St. Paul’s AME Zion Church in downtown Toledo when she was attacked.

Kamali Morris, 19, the daughter of Pastor Anthony Morris, allegedly grabbed Turner by the hair, at which point her parents joined in. Anthony Morris, 49, and his wife, Zelda Morris, 46, allegedly beat and pushed Turner during the attack, according to WTVG.


At some point during the attack, Zelda allegedly got hold of Turner’s purse and started to take items out of it. When Turner tried to recover her belongings, that’s when the pastor took out a gun. During the attack, Turner said she lost two prescription bottles, a Taser and an iPhone. She did eventually get her iPhone back, but the screen was broken.

Toledo Fire and Rescue crews responded to the scene and treated Turner for her injuries.

“Your mom slept with my husband”

ABC13 cited a police report that suggested that family drama was behind the attack. The report said that Zelda Morris told Turner’s daughter: “You wanna know why this happened? It happened because your mom slept with my husband.”

Police detectives reportedly spoke to several witnesses at the scene who confirmed what had happened.

After the attack, the Morris family fled from the church.Zelda and Anthony have been found and arrested, but their daughter, Kamali is still on the run. Both husband and wife have each been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, which is a the first-degree felony, according to the Toledo Blade.


This is especially ironic, since Morris described the church on its website as “a family-focused, multi-generational ministry.”

“We honor the traditions of the elders, but we are also intentionally contemporary in our Worship Experience,” the website reads.