Nick Gordon opens up about Bobbi Kristina’s death

The boyfriend of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter tells his side

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Nick Gordon has been rather silent over the past three years since ex-girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death in 2015. Brown, 22, was found by Gordon, 28, unresponsive and face down in the bathtub— eerily similar to her mother’s death only three years prior. 

Gordon reportedly attempted to revive her, but was not successful. To this day, Brown’s death has remained ‘undetermined,’ which translates to an uncertainty of intention or accident. Her autopsy revealed a plethora of medications and drugs in her system, including morphine, cocaine, and marijuana.

Gordon was legally held accountable for Bobbi Kristina’s death in 2015 in a civil suit for $36 million was brought against him by the family of her mother, the late legend Whitney Houston. He didn’t show up to the hearing.

Gordon still asserts his innocence and stated that had he known it were anything he could of done differently, he would have. He has since attempted to stop thinking of the “what ifs” and hopes this interview will help him move on.


‘”The truth is, in my heart, I believe Krissy overdosed on drugs,” Gordon said. He stated that he hopes both mother and daughter are resting in peace. “I’m so happy I got to live with them and give them the little bit of happiness I could towards the end of their journey down here. I’d do it all over again knowing the outcome.”

In his interview with DailyMailTV, he opened up about several different questions and critiques that have surfaced over the past few years. He began detailing how their relationship grew so close, having moved in with Houston and Brown when he was 17, when Bobbi Kristina was 14.

From the Daily mail:

His own mother, he said, ‘wasn’t very good’ at the time. She had left the state to be with another man. He didn’t want to go with her.

He had met Bobbi Kristina at school but both dropped out to be tutored at home after he moved in to the Houston household.

Recalling Houston he said: “It was like two or three months after I moved in she began to ask me, “Call me mom.” “

‘We immediately clicked. From day one it was a really, really cool relationship so I’ll miss it forever.

‘It was like a mother, son relationship. It really was.’

In a bizarre twist of fate Gordon was there at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in February 2012 when Houston drowned in her bathtub. She was later found to have cocaine in her system. 

As for Bobbi Kristina she was like his ‘little wing man’ at first. Gordon described them as ‘the three musketeers.’

And while Bobby Brown was ‘busy creating his other family, his new family with his new wife,’ Gordon claimed to have taken on the role of the man of the house – their ‘protector.’

It was a role for which, in truth, he was ill equipped.

Gordon has been accused of using Bobbi Kristina for money, but he has flatly denied that was the case.

Screw the money. I lost two people I loved. They could have the money; it’s not even about that. Don’t get me wrong, money’s nice but it definitely doesn’t buy you happiness. Maybe temporary happiness.

For Bobbi Kristina there was, it seems, no true happiness after her mother’s death.

He also related what took place after Houston’s death, and the effect it had on Bobbi Kristina…

Everything changed. She would cry and you know throughout all those nights I felt I couldn’t do the same thing.

So it was just all this built up emotion that I didn’t get out as I’m sitting here trying to be strong for this person.

After Houston’s death Bobbi Kristina and Gordon told the family that they were married – though they were not.

Gordon also opened up about their separation— whether romantic or more siblinglike, it has been speculated as the beginning to Brown’s spiral downward….

According to Gordon, Bobbi Kristina tried to commit suicide on two occasions – cutting deeply into her wrists.

She suffered two miscarriages and self-harmed and both became lost in a haze of drugs.

Asked if he regrets anything or if he believes now that the best thing for Bobbi Kristina might have been for him to leave he said: ‘If I had somebody tell me this would be a good thing for y’all to separate I would have tried that.

‘But I just know it was really just us two. Everybody knew [what was going on]. All these family members, all these family members that love and cared for her…everybody knew what was going on and they did nothing.

‘People saw her struggling and nobody did anything.’

And when it all went so catastrophically wrong, Gordon said, he knew he would be blamed ‘from the jump.’

On the negative backlash he received, Gordon came to this revelation…

I think in a case like ours you automatically look at the significant other. And that’s in every case. But then the fact that it’s Whitney Houston’s daughter amplifies it.

You know if there was something concrete I think I’d be in cuffs.

He also addressed allegations made against him by Bobbi Kristina’s father, singer Bobby Brown.

You know, I don’t care. He’s wrong and he knows he’s wrong. I met the guy. His daughter told him how much she loves me, how much I love her.

You know what I was? I was a prince and then I became a pawn, somebody just to point the finger at. Now I won’t stand for it as long as I can fight it.