See how Black woman pulled a Princess Shuri by fixing broken white boy Sam Nunberg

Sam Nunberg

On Monday, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg made his rounds on several television news stations in a series of unhinged interviews that immediately went viral.

Nunberg was speaking out to explain his frustration with the ongoing Russia investigation by Robert Mueller. Nunberg was subpoenaed by the special counsel and was instructed to turnover all email correspondences with several White House officials, including Steve Bannon and Roger Stone to Mueller’s team.

Going on a literal media meltdown, from one show to the next, Nunberg grew more visibly irritated throughout the day. By the end, he made it clear that he had decided he would not comply with Mueller’s investigation, telling Josh Dawsey, “Let him arrest me.”

–White man charged by police for spitting on black child at Hooters–

Well, apparently, all of that has changed— and Nunberg is thanking and crediting a Black woman for that decision, Professor Maya Wiley.

Nunberg spoke with Wiley live on air during his Monday appearance on Ari Melbar’s MSNBC show. 

Wiley responded to Nunberg’s turnaround in a statement to MSNBC outlining the reason why it’s so critical and impactful that Nunberg was able to speak, listen, and engage with a Black woman.

“I joined the set after Sam Nunberg referenced his racially offensive statements that got him fired from the Trump campaign, dismissing their relevance because they wouldn’t have lost Trump a vote. Unspoken was his willingness to use the “n” word in reference to Black leaders. That Nunberg actually recognizes the value and intelligence of a Black woman, is, I hope, a life lesson for him. I assume he has sought the advice and counsel of his lawyer. I hope what I gave him was a sense of humanity we need now more than ever in this country.”

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Sam Nunberg was famously fired from the Trump campaign in 2015 after racist Facebook posts emerged, where he joked that he would tell Rev. Al Sharpton that “his daughter is a N—-!”

In the light of Nunberg’s 180 flip, he said that the media treated him fairly, that he would comply with Mueller’s email inquisition, and even offered an apology to Sarah Huckabee Sanders who he completely trashed. 

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Sam Nunberg did say that he’s still “doesn’t know” if he will appear in person on Friday, as it has been requested for him to meet with investigators. 

Still, Maya Wiley has helped this man come a long way from his #NunbergTV, as his meltdown was so entertainingly tagged on social media.  

To quote Princess Shuri in Black Panther, “Great, another broken white boy to fix.”