Sterling K. Brown reveals how he landed that pivotal ‘Black Panther’ role

Sterling K. Brown (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Sterling K. Brown was apparently so excited about This Is Us win at the SAG awards that he literally burst—out of his tuxedo jacket that is.

According to The Wrap, “We all won,” Sterling K. Brown said of the This is Us cast’s win for best ensemble at the SAG Awards. “They had been so great at supporting me through all the awards I had won but we got a chance to celebrate together, like it was waterworks, I couldn’t even contain myself,” he told Jimmy Fallon last week.

Obviously there was much to celebrate but it sounds like Brown may have gotten a little too excited.

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“And my jacket, I hugged somebody, split right down the back, like just completely,” Sterling K. Brown said. “These things are meant to look good in, they’re not functional, actually. I tried to get my full bear on and it just split, right down the back.”

Breaking the mold

In addition to picking up accolades for his TV performance, Sterling K. Brown is also turning heads with his poignant role in Black Panther. It’s a small but pivotal role and the character is about as far from Randall as he could get.

Brown plays N’jobu, Killmonger’s father.

Sterling K. Brown even shares how he got the part to travel to Wakanda as N’jobu, ““I said, ‘Listen, I’ve been practicing my Wakanda. I know you’ve already got the titular characters taken care of, but how can I be down? Because man, it’s a black superhero,” he said. “It’s huge.”

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He went on to say that making Black Panther was like stepping into another world entirely.

“Just being at base camp, and you see about 24 trailers lined up, one after the other, and each, slowly but surely, a black face comes out of each one of them,” Brown said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “And they get to set to shoot with a black director, [Ryan] Coogler, and a black producer, Nate Moore. To see this level of production with all these black faces? It will bring me to tears right now.”