Texas woman playing with gun shoots man in the head on Facebook Live video

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A Texas woman who was playing with a loaded gun was arrested and could be facing murder charges after shooting a man in his head in a shocking Facebook Live video that has gone viral.

Devyn Holmes is on life support in a Texas hospital. According to the Daily Mail, the father of two was reportedly sitting in a car with Cassandra Damper and another man when Damper started brandishing a gun in a playful way.

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Holmes can be seen on the video nervously trying to get Damper to point the weapon in another direction to no avail. At one point, he can even be heard saying, “You’re making me nervous.”

The other man, who has been identified as Cadillac Coleman, who is seated in back, then says to Holmes:

“She ain’t got no clip bud.”

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The woman begins to taunt 26-year-old Holmes by waving the gun. He seems to try to get her to take her mind off the gun and asks:

“Where you from again?”

In a tragic turn of events, Damper points the gun at Holmes and says, “Say something, b***h,” before the gun goes off and a bullet hits Holmes in the head and blood pours down his shirt.

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Damper and Coleman, left the vehicle and reportedly tried to flee the scene. The incident happened at a Houston gas station and the whole gruesome ordeal was caught live.

Damper faces charges of tampering or fabricating of evidence because she reportedly tried to wipe her prints off the gun and wash gun residue from her hands. She claimed that she didn’t know the gun was loaded.

Coleman, the passenger, has not been charged.

According to authorities, a grand jury will decide if additional charges will be filed. If Holmes doesn’t survive, murder charges could be added.