Oh hell no! Why Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson shouldn’t meet with racist Starbucks manager

Let Becky with the bad intentions simmer in her hate like the coffee she once brewed.

Starbucks brass is suggesting that Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson meet with former manager Holly Hylton to hear her out. (Courtesy of Twitter and the AP).

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson did exactly what they should have done following the Starbucks incident.

They met with the heads of the company, secured an attorney and made a grand appearance telling their side on a national news show.

But what they shouldn’t do is give Holly Hylton, the racist manager who called the cops on them, the time of day.

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Hylton, who had the audacity to call 911 merely two minutes after Nelson and Robinson stepped into the 18th and Spruce coffee shop, now wants to sit down and make amends with the two men, says Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz.

Oh hell naw.

As a sister who grew up in Philly, just insert me right here swinging my Dora Milaje sword down in front of Nelson and Robinson and cutting my eyes at Hylton, daring her to take a step closer to these Philadelphian Warriors.

She will not!

Let Becky with the bad intentions simmer in her hate like the coffee she used to brew.

Schultz is just trying to do his due diligence by cleaning up the situation following the nasty backlash Starbucks received after the two men were arrested without cause. Even Police Commissioner Richard Ross apologized for his pathetic take on the situation. And Hylton tucked her tail between her legs and quit Starbuck. And rightfully so, especially after a former employee had receipts saying that Hylton has displayed racist behavior towards Black customers and staff in the past.

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Schultz told CBS’ Gayle King on Monday:

“… I think there’s a unique opportunity for her and the two gentlemen to sit down and potentially have some kind of reconciliation. I think it is going to be possible. I think she’s interested in doing it.”

Listen, we don’t let colonizers strike twice!

While Hylton wants to make peace, it’s only because she once again thinks she’s entitled – this time she feels she’s entitled to an opportunity to have those men make her feel better about her racist ways.

She wants them to say that what she did is OK and understandable and that they’ve put it behind them and they all can sing Kum-Ba-Ya and move on. Then she’ll feel better that “the Blacks” don’t hate her anymore and in the words of Celene Dion, then her heart will go on.

Keep your hard heart, Holly. And, quite frankly, Schultz should be ashamed of himself, protecting his white damsel in distress with his tone-deaf comments, saying the manager “has suffered.”

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“I think for her, she is suffering in her own way,” he told King. “I think she recognizes that perhaps that call shouldn’t have been made … I don’t think she intended when she made the call for the police to arrive and arrest the two men.”

Go to hell Holly. Go. Straight. To. Hell.

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She absolutely did intend to call the cops on those Black men not more than two minutes after they walked in.

Look into the past

Hylton has racist ways in her heart as Ieshaa Cash reported, causing that working mom to quit her job after being harassed daily by Hylton who had the power to demote Cash and cut her pay.

Hylton deserves to suffer just like every Black customer who she has made feel inferior by waiting to get served at Starbucks as if they waiting at a restaurant counter in Mississippi in 1963 – only then, Nelson and Robinson would have got spat on, shoved out and beaten up by the cops.

READ MORE: After Starbucks arrest, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson speak out: “We want to see true change”

Still what happened to these two young, Black men is 2018’s version of mental abuse – especially as they feared for their lives following the constant abuse and killings of unarmed Black men by police for no reason.

Nelson and Robinson owe Hylton nothing. They don’t have to lend her their ear so she can feel better about being a racist and make excuses about almost getting them killed because they wouldn’t buy a cup of coffee!

That racist hussy knew EXACTLY what she was doing and she clearly got away with murder on past occasions until the one day, a video recording made ALL the difference and went viral.

Starbucks, it seems to me like you all STILL don’t get it. Please help the Black community understand why you plan to close 8,000 stores for implicit bias training when the people running your company clearly are still making clueless decisions.