Family asks for ‘mercy’ in tribute to teen killed in road rage incident

When drivers enter Route 100 in Chester County Pennsylvania, they will forever be reminded to navigate their cars with compassion and to “merge with mercy” instead of road rage after two new signs were erected to honor the life of Bianca Roberson.

David Desper has been charged with shooting Roberson her from his vehicle as the two jostled for position to merge onto the highway. It was a senseless shooting that shook the nation and reignited a call for action to avoid road rage and to caution drivers to be more thoughtful on their daily commutes, reports Fox News 29.

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An 18-year-old was killed because Desper couldn’t cut in. Michelle Roberson, Bianca’s mom says that’s why the words: “Merge with Mercy” is significant after the tragedy.

“Merging with mercy that we take time out to give people respect, treat people with dignity and treat people with compassion.  If this person would have met my daughter, he would have liked her. He would have really liked her,” Michelle said.

The sign is also a meaningful memento to Roberson’s parents. Michelle has worked tirelessly, along with her father Rodney, to bring justice to their daughter’s name and the “Merge with Mercy” sign is just one way to honor Bianca’s light.

“Every morning I wake up crying and this morning I woke up with so much joy in my heart,” she said after seeing the sign.

After seeing the sign Michelle said it was the best day she’s had in 11 months following her daughter’s June 28th death.

“For the first time I think my heart starting beating in rhythm. I was so elated to see the sign with my daughter’s name on there,” she said.

The sign is on Route 100 near Old Route 100 in Exton. Michelle said she fought for eight months to get the signs. The signs are affixed to two adopt-a-highway-signs and read: “In Honor of Bianca Roberson.”

“Something I worked hard for that I got it done,” she said.

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As for going that down that road where Bianca was ran off the highway and hit a tree after getting shot in the left side of her head, Michelle said she can’t bring herself to visit that spot.

“I just cannot even fathom driving down the road and seeing where my daughter took her last breath,” said Michelle. A memorial is still there though. Michelle has lost two children. Her son Mykel died four years before Bianca after suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.

“My two angels in heaven. I miss them so much. I miss them so much,” said Michelle.

Desper’s trial date has been pushed from May 21st to September. The family plans to honor Bianca with a Purple Ball (Purple was her favorite color) on June 28th in her hometown.

“Bianca’s name will always be shown to other people so people will remember.”