Atlanta’s 5K ‘Plus Strut’ race designed just for plus sized women

Women from across the country are coming to the city to be a part of the fitness event for participants to celebrate themselves

Plus Strut screengrab

Voluptuous women are taking to the Atlanta streets to strut their stuff.

The Atlanta 5K “Plus Strut” is this Saturday and it’s the first of its kind for plus-sized ladies, reports 11Alive.

“When you think about a woman with lots of hips and curves, she’s not walking. She’s strutting,” said Joy Tribble, the founder of Plus Strut. “We are confident. We are trending. Men love us.”

Tribble said it doesn’t matter how bootylicious you are, this 5K strut is for every woman and many, she says are coming from all over the country.

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“It’s not about losing weight. That’s not the message here,” Tribble said. “The message is to celebrate who you are, where you are, as you are.”

The event will take place is Atlanta’s Chastain Park at 8a, Saturday and has not garnered the approval of curvy ladies all over the nation but it has also  been sanctioned by USA Track & Field, making it totally official and legit.

Tribble said once upon a time she didn’t feel confident in the skin she’s in.

“I just didn’t see a lot people that looked like me,” Tribble explained. She said she started planning the Plus Strut about a year ago.

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Nziga Imani plans to get her strut on and has helped Tribble out the 5K together.

“A lot of times we feel uncomfortable in situations where we’re the oddball,” Imani said.

“But this has inspired me to get out there and try everything and not be scared of anything.”

If interested, you can still register here for the event.