#BlackExcellence: Man graduates with masters degree and law degree on same day from two schools

Darrell London Kelly thegrio.com

Clearly Darrell Landon Kelly has the aptitude for excellence after graduating with a Master’s degree and a law degree on the same day.

The 24-year-old scholar turned heads this past weekend with his stellar accomplishment of snagging two advanced degrees—one from the University of Cincinnati College of Law and Xavier University’s Williams College of Business.

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Not only that but Kelly had to go through the pomp and circumstance of one graduation ceremony then dash across town to the other! It was a day filled with distinction that he’ll surely never forget.

“Some kids do great. Some kids do wonderful. But when you go past great and get your master’s and turn into a lawyer, you do like the Bible says: exceedingly and abundantly… That’s where he went — exceedingly more than we ever asked for,” family friend Richard Layson told WCPO.

His mother, Lisa Kelly beamed with pride when talking about the level of support it took to raise a high-achiever.  

“I was born to five generations of love, and I passed that on to them”, said Kelly.

“If he’s tall, it’s because he’s standing on tall shoulders. He’s big because of the village, because of the friendships. He grew up with love.”

Kelly said her son always had the marking of being brilliant from an early age.

His former coach from Marva Collins Preparatory School agreed.

“He was a smart little dude… Him and his sister, Jaz, from the time they were six, they knew the periodic table. They learned that at Marva Collins,” said Coach Layson.

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Success runs in their blood. His older sister Jazmoné, is in medical school.

Kelly thank his mother her role in his successful day saying:

“It’s time for me to stand and leave the nest… She’s instilled me with all these tools and has guided me for so long.”