German broadcaster slammed for racially-charged commentary on Meghan Markle wedding

These folks tried it with questionable comments on Meghan Markle's hair.

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The royal wedding was a sight to be seen and spectators around the world were floored by he beautiful Meghan Markle looked when she wed Prince Harry over the weekend.

As expected, a few folks couldn’t help but let their racist colors shine through while commenting about the ground-breaking event and one German broadcaster, ZDF, is receiving lots of backlash for his not-so-subtle remarks about Markle’s appearance.

ZDF had a whole team of people on the ground this weekend and several of their correspondents delivered questionable commentary, especially when they repeatedly referred to Meghan Markle and other black guests as “exotic.”

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Here are a few examples of their questionable commentary:

“The two (Harry and Meghan) will probably never become King and Queen, so we can afford an exotic couple like that.”

So…if Meghan had a chance at being the Queen of England, then “we” couldn’t afford this “exotic” couple? The shade!

“I get a sense that the Queen is closing one eye when it comes to Meghan.” Hmmm…why is that?

Another anchor threw a back-handed compliment to the Kingdom Choir, while they sang Ben E. King‘s “Stand By Me” saying the choir “sang beautifully black.”

The collective comments about Meghan’s mother’s hair were even more ridiculous.

”Are those dreadlocks on Meghan’s mother?”

The answer was covered in subtle shade. ”It’s curly hair that’s been somewhat de-curled, same as Meghan probably does all the time.”

Say what, now? How would this fool have any way of knowing what Meghan Markle does or doesn’t do with her hair?

CNN reached out to ZDF for a comment and their response was just as wack as their commentary.

“The ZDF viewer-service got calls and mails from the viewers with questions as well as praise and criticism for different aspects of our coverage. We take seriously the criticism of our viewers.”

Whatever. Stay in your lane.