#PhotographingWhileBlack: Woman calls police on Black photographer during Preakness Stakes for…taking pictures

Another #WhileBlack story to add to the pile.

Arturo Holmes is a Baltimore based photographer who says he was racially profiled at the 143rd Preakness Stakes on May 19, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo courtesy of Facebook and by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Stronach Group)

Here’s a new one to add to the list: #PhotographingWhileBlack

Apparently, being a credentialed photographer and asking to take pictures is another reason to call the cops if said photog is Black.

Arturo Holmes, a Baltimore based photographer, says a woman handling press for the premier Preakness Stakes horse race  told him he could not take pictures (despite having credentials) and even prevented him from partaking in the food set aside for media.

Holmes took to social media to share his frustration.

“So THIS is what discrimination feels like??? A lady who handles Press for the @PreaknessStakes told me I couldn’t photograph (anywhere), eat the food available to the media, required me to show my ID again, AND then called the cops on me all while having a credential and inquiring,” he wrote.

It is unclear why the woman felt the need to escalate the situation and call police, but a fellow photographer, J.M. Giordano witnessed the incident and backs up Holmes’ story.

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“My last Preakness. Ima finish my assignment, but I just witnessed a young, black photog @ARTugraphiq discriminated against in the press box. He had the proper credentials and was extremely polite asking where he could shoot. His drivers license was demanded and the cops called,” Giordano wrote.

Others on social media also chimed in on the issue in defense of Holmes and against the rampant use of police to escalate seemingly benign situations.

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May I suggest a) “proper press credentials” is not something one escalates into a police matter with deadly force and b) your mistake was in giving that tall tale the benefit of the doubt in this climate without additional corroborating evidence https://t.co/vb5QlbM1Y5

— M R B (@MBDigital001) May 21, 2018