RUMOR PATROL: Is there an ‘Insecure’ love child?

Did two of the show's stars just welcome a real-life baby?


It looks like a few cast members of Insecure are even closer than we thought if these rumors are true.

Actress Dominique Perry gave birth to a baby girl this week and it seems the baby’s father may be her co-star, Sarunas Jackson. In case you’re not as avid of a watcher as we are, Perry plays Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis) new girlfriend, “Tasha” on the series while Jackson plays “Dro,” the married love interest of “Molly” (Yvonne Orji.)

Anywhoo, the rumor mill started churning when Jackson posted a photo of baby girl Zen with the caption, “NWTS” (Nothing Was The Same), and fueled fans’ suspicions that he is the child’s father.

So far, neither of the Insecure stars have confirmed or denied that they had a baby together, but Jackson’s sister also shared a sweet snapshot of herself with the baby, leading most people to believe these rumors are true.

Could these co-stars just be extremely close friends? It is possible that Jackson is simply moved by his colleagues new bundle of joy, but something tells us he’s indeed the baby’s daddy.

Perry shared snapshots of her baby shower on social media but never confirmed who the father of her baby was.

Thanks to my friends and family especially cousin @ameliajeffries for throwing an amazing shower for me n my best friend ???


One social media follower accused the actor of speaking badly about Dominique Perry in the past but Jackson shut that down in a hurry.

Jackson’s reaction to a social media follower who implied he dissed Perry while she was pregnant is pretty telling and suggests that they may be an item after all.

“Speaking aimlessly is ignorant. How people speak without confirmation or facts baffles me. How thirsty for “tea” are people to create situations that never existed. STFU and get y’all facts straight. Invest in ya own life and maybe you’ll do something lol,” he posted.

Insecure will be back for a fourth season on HBO on August 12 and we can’t wait to see what kind of drama is stirred up this time around.

The series recently won a Peabody Award and the show’s star and creator Issa Rae shared her excitement on social media.

“We’d like to thank every writer of color that has come before us who worked on a show they didn’t want to, so today we have an opportunity to tell and create our own stories,” she posted along with some sweet photos of herself with her cast mates.