White House Correspondent April Ryan has been in a few heated debates with Trump administration officials, and while she’d rather them be their best, this time she could not stop herself from sparring with First Lady Melania Trumps spokesperson.

Ryan, who is the Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Network, tweeted the link an article on The Root called “Is the Trump Administration Running a Child-Trafficking Ring or Nah? Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole,” to the dismay of Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s communications director, reports People.

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“If you’re a journalist w many followers & a @CNNPolitics contributor … is it ok to retweet any headline you want, regardless of if it’s true? Remember, The core purpose of a journalist is to research, document, write, & present the news in an honest, ethical, & unbiased way,” Grisham fired off at Ryan in tweet.

Grisham took the headline literally, but it actually was written with a satirical voice. The two engaged in a heated exchange that caused Ryan to clapback saying that Grisham was bullying her online, while creating an “atmosphere of hate” typical of the Trump administration.

“I guess not per usual. You and many in this admin work to discredit us in the press. What happens when you all tweet crazy stories. Where is the accountability there?” Ryan asked.

“Just reading headlines is not the story and you went after me for not knowing what the story was. Not cool!” Ryan said.

At issue is the article that outlines how President Trump often tweets issues without context or research such as conspiracy theories — including “pizzagate,” a fake news story claiming Democrats ran a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza place in Washington, D.C., according to People.

Ryan also took aim at Fox News for fanning the flames about the heated exchange.

“That fake news story from FOX and your not reading the story just a headline creates an atmosphere of hate against me that leads to ugliness,” Ryan tweeted. “It has to stop!”

The Hill also reported on the online fight with Grisham with the headline:

“April Ryan accuses Melania Trump’s spokeswoman of creating an ‘atmosphere of hate’ after Twitter feud.”

Ryan co-signed her sentiment that intimidation by the Trump administration needs to cease.

“Yes I did and this must stop today!” Ryan wrote. “People are not scared! Bullies are not to be tolerated, especially by me!”

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Recently, Ryan asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if President Donald Trump has considered resigning from office, a question that Sanders called “ridiculous.”

During an appearance on CNN, April Ryan explained why she felt she needed to ask the question, saying, “When you have turmoil or conflicts constantly coming up or are making major decisions where people are investigating you, there is always a scenario at the White House where there is Plan A, B, C, or D or what have you. And it’s on the table, and it has been on the table.”

She further explained that her sources at the White House told her that the option was being considered, which prompted the veteran journalist to ask for comment from the White House Press Secretary.

“I asked that question in the midst of the fact that the president’s personal attorney had his properties raided to get information for a search warrant about what is going on with Stormy Daniels and others and the trail of money,” April Ryan said.

Ryan said before she had death threats for her tough questions.