The Download | June 4th: Reporter asks Serena Williams an awkward question + Black family verbally attacked + Youth Over Guns protest

Here is The Download for Monday, June 4th.

Serena Williams has really been killing it on and off the court these days. She recently won the French Open, inspired women worldwide with her story of surviving birth complications, and killed it at the Royal Wedding with her husband in the most stylish looks.

But on Saturday, a reporter asked her if she was intimidated by anyone on the Tennis court– referring to Donald Trump’s suggestion that Serena was intimidated by Maria Sharapova’s good looks Many members of the media blasted the reporter for what they saw as a sexist and insulting question. He’s since apologized saying his question was awkward but he meant no harm.

In Orlando this past weekend, a Black doctor and her family were verbally attacked by another family at the Omni Hotel. They were called the n-word and other profanities. Despite video evidence, law enforcement won’t press charges.

And just in case you thought protests against gun violence were slowing down, this past weekend more than a thousand people marched across the Brooklyn bridge to call out the issue. The group called Youth Over Guns comprised of many teens of color wants to highlight urban gun violence and the fact that children of color are killed by guns at extremely higher rates (10 times more) than their white counterparts each year.