Hillary Clinton trolls James Comey investigation with savage 3-word tweet


Hillary Clinton reclaimed her time and her reputation in a single tweet that slammed former FBI director James Comey for his unrelenting investigation into her emails.

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Comey investigated Clinton’s use of a private email server and many said his ongoing investigation tanked her chances of seating a seat in the Oval Office, reports the NY Post.

“But my emails,” Clinton tweeted, in an epic clapback to Comey and the conservatives who teased “but her emails” over and over again.

Clinton must have been sipping some tea with momma Maxine Waters because she surely had time to troll!

And that single tweet gave user @jkeenelife life like the rest of us.

“This is the shade queen I’ve always hoped for!”

Said another supporter: @balthsbart.

“The best tweet in history. You are the person who the American people chose. You just proved again why.”

Comey who was the FBI chief, chastised Clinton for her use of a private mail server while serving as secretary of state, but he said the bureau would not recommend criminal charges against the then Democratic presidential nominee. The Justice Department accepted that recommendation.

So now how will James Comey respond to this latest revelation?

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