Seattle Man’s Racist Public Rant Goes Viral: ‘White men built these streets!’

A passerby captured the incident with his cellphone camera.

Seattle Racist Rant

This weekend a white man walked into a public area in Seattle, WA and began hurling racist insults and obscenities at a Black stranger for no apparent reason.

Keoke Silvano says he was walking by when he noticed the altercation and decided to pull out his cell phone.

“Just as a photographer, my instinct is to document,” said Silvano in an interview with KIRO-TV. “So I pulled out my cell phone and started recording.”

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What he caught on camera was Steven Jay Watts yelling a series of racist slurs at the Black man. When Watts notices he is being filmed, he then turns on Silvano who is Filipino.

“No cameras n****r,” he said to Silvano. “I run this country!”

“Put your hands on me n****r,” he taunted at another point. “I run this country, you guys are dead.”

“I ain’t gonna put my hands on—I’m gonna kill your bitch ass,” the Black man could be heard responding.

“You’re going to kill me? Come on, n****r,” Watts goads yet again.

When some other white men step in and intervene, Watts refuses to back down.

“You running with these n****s?” he asks. “Get the f**k out of my face, you running with these n*****s?”

“You get out of this neighborhood,” the other men tell him. “You’re in the wrong neighborhood.”

“Wrong neighborhood? White people are going to bury you,” Watts shouted. “We built these streets! White men built these streets!”

“The main thing is if something happened either to myself or the gentleman sitting here, I would have some sort of living document of what was happening,” said Silvano about why he chose to put himself in harm’s way.

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The video of Watts tirade has since gone viral, and during a subsequent court appearance, the judge presiding judge expressed concern and his lengthy criminal record which includes four assault convictions.

Watts has been charged with harassment and obstruction and has pleaded not guilty.

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