2018 BET Awards: Jamie Foxx goes off-script to ‘acknowledge’ Donald Glover and give us a piece of “This is America”

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Jamie Foxx brings Donald Glover on stage at the 2018 BET Awards. (Screengrab)


The 2018 BET Awards host Jamie Foxx went completely off script during Sunday night’s live show to shout out the mega talent that is Donald Glover and bring him up on stage for an impromptu jam session.

Many have compared Glover to Foxx, to which he’s replied: “They say he’s a young me, but I say he’s better looking.”

After praising the Atlanta star, Foxx playfully did his own interpretation of the now African inspired infamous dance moves from Childish Gambino’s (Glover’s hip hop alter ego) This Is America video, as Glover watched from the crowd.

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“That song should not be joked about,” said Foxx said amidst his lighthearted antics on the Microsoft Theatre stage.

He continued: “This young man, Childish GambinoDonald Glover — singer, songwriter, philanthropist, movie star, overall badass. … A true artist. … I wanna acknowledge you.”

Then invited the actor-singer to join him on stage, embraced him warmly, and encouraged Glover to deliver a couple lines from his viral single while Foxx played the role of his hype man.

“I’m really happy to be in this room with everybody,” said Glover while shouting out The Chi creator Lena Waithe, Issa Rae (who was not in attendance) and the HBO series Insecure.

“I really was not expecting to get up here,” he admitted with a laugh.

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Forever the comedian, Foxx couldn’t help also noting that despite the impact Glover has made on entertainment in the last few years, he couldn’t be bothered to wear a “real” outfit for the evening’s broadcast.

“Pajamas,” conceded Glover about his silky ensemble.

Cracked Foxx: “[Like] you just rolled out of bed. That’s how you know you’re rich — get out of bed with your pajamas on and come to the BET Awards.”

Check out a highlight clip from the completely unrehearsed moment below.

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