The Download | Founder of Papa John’s resigns + Ku Klux Klan is recruiting + Emmett Till case reopened + Cardi B and Offset welcomes baby girl to the world

Your 60-second Daily News Wrap.

In the world of business another one bites the dust. The founder of Papa John’s pizza has decided to resign after confirming he used the ‘N’ word. 56-year-old-John Schnatter admitted to Forbes that back in May, he did use the ‘n’ word during a conference call. When asked how he planned on distancing himself from racist groups, he replied saying “Colonel Sanders called blacks the “n” word.” In a statement to Forbes, Schnatter apologized and said racism has no room in our society.


Speaking of racism, it’s recruitment time for the Ku-klux-klan. According to sources, Prince William County police found bags of hate pamphlets in various neighborhoods in Virginia. We won’t show you the actual flyers because of course, the hate groups just want the free press

And will there be justice for Emmett Till? The Department of Justice said it had reopened the case in March “based upon the discovery of new information.” The Chicago teen was kidnapped, tortured and killed in 1955 while visiting relatives in Mississippi

And lastly Cardi b and Offset have officially done it for the Kulture. Congratulations on their new baby girl!