Ex-GOP director confesses Neo Nazis have ‘taken over the Virginia Republican Party’

Shaun Kenney, former state party executive director, believes that the alt-right has taken over the Virginia Republican Party.

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A participant of an Alt-Right organized free speech event holds his fist up on the Boston Common on November 18, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)


One member of the GOP has finally come clean about what many had already speculated: the Virginia Republican Party is being infiltrated by the alt-right.

“The alt-right has taken over the Virginia Republican Party,” Shaun Kenney, former state party executive director, told the New York Times.

The observation was made during a NY Times profile of Corey Stewart, a senate candidate who is not only aware of the alt-right’s interest in the party but also allegedly used that knowledge to court them.

Stewart has been accused of using thinly veiled language like calling for Virginians to “take back our heritage” and painting himself as a champion of the fallen Confederacy who will defend statues of its leaders.

Not surprisingly, this has caused white supremacists to flock to support him. And while he has publicly disavowed some members of the alt-right, others have been allowed to actually work as volunteers for the campaign. His aides and staff have also been caught posting racist language and homophobic content that are believed to echo his own sentiments.

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As a result, Kenney isn’t the only one taking note of how white supremacists have been allowed an alarming amount of access in Virginia during this election cycle. In fact, after Stewart won the GOP nomination, state party chair John Whitbeck resigned because he didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

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Despite all this speculation about his practices, the candidate swears it is all an innocent misunderstanding and people are overreacting.

“I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” Stewart said during a speech. “Not one. I challenge anybody to find a single racist statement that I’ve ever made.”

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“Controversy is not necessarily a bad thing, because it does give you more media attention and that’s necessary, especially when you’re in a position like mine,” he continues. “I can’t self-finance my race. And I don’t have the support of the establishment. So I have to be my own guy.”

If voters in Virginia needed a reminder why it’s important to get out and vote, this is it!