Shaunie O’Neal catches burglars on video, says she was targeted on social media

The 'Basketball Wives' star is safe and sound.


Basketball Wives star, Shaunie O’Neal avoided a super scary situation thanks to her home’s security system.

When she spotted two men prowling around her property she took matters into her own hands and scared them off.

The reality star posted a video to social media showing the men on surveillance footage from her Ring system as well as her using the two-way speaker system to yell at them.

“Listen did y’all forget @Shaq is partners with @ring and made sure the kids and I had cameras everywhere.#igotudummy #smileBitch #ihateathief #weonyoass,” she posted.

The whole ordeal can be observed in the video.

“What are you doing?” Shaunie says. “You’re on camera. Smile bi*ch!”

Both men are noticeably startled when they hear her voice and they high-tailed it out of there in a hurry.

Shaunie told TMZ she recognized one of the culprits from a previous break-in attempt.

“I’m assuming though that they are watching social media because the first time he tried we were all in Vegas,” she said.

“That was our family meeting last night — no more posting current situations. We can’t do that…If someone really wants to get in your house they have that moment to do that. It’s how safe do you really feel?”

EXCLUSIVE: Shaunie O’Neal on raising black boys and fearing for her sons’ lives: “I’m scared every day”

We’re glad Shaunie O’Neal is OK and it’s clear she’s serious about keeping her family safe.

During an exclusive interview with Cherise Nicole, the Basketball Wives star revealed that she fears for her sons’ lives every time they leave the house because of the rising rate of police brutality against black men.

“I have older boys and two of them are driving which is scary to me just because of the police nowadays. I’m scared if the cops pull me over,” she said.

“I feel so nervous when they pull me over so for my boys, I’m nervous and scared every day. Every day that they leave, I really am concerned. I would rather pay for an Uber for everything than for them to drive most of the time. Now it’s like there’s no correct way.”

Shaunie O’Neal says that despite her and Shaq’s fame and fortune, her sons aren’t safe from racist cops.

“I remember telling Myles, my oldest, ‘If you ever get pulled over just put both of your hands on the steering wheel so they can see your both of your hands until they come to the side and just say, ‘Yes sir,’” she explained.

“Now there’s no correct way because it’s like everything you do is wrong. They don’t care. They ask you for your car registration and you reach for that and it’s a problem.”