Young man who was allegedly assaulted by Younes Bendjima wants to sue the model, Drake and Odell Beckham Jr.

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The young man who was allegedly assaulted by Younes Bendjima in March wants to sue the model, Drake and Odell Beckham Jr.

TMZ was first to release surveillance footage which seems to show Bendjima, 25, punching Bennett Sipes and pulling his hair in the early hours of March 24 outside the hot spot, though the incident didn’t make headlines until a month later. The video shows Drake and Beckham standing nearby and watching, but they did not partake in the fight.

According to Us Weekly, the alleged victim’s attorney, Colin Jones of Wilshire Law Firm, tells the publication that they recently notified Bendjima, Drake, 31, and the New York Giants player, 25, about their intent to file a lawsuit if a settlement is not reached.

“We want to give parties that are responsible for causing harm an opportunity to do the right thing without having to involve the court,” Jones tells Us. “Those [notices] went out … and that was before we ever saw the video because we couldn’t get the video until a formal lawsuit was filed, so the timing was rather ironic.”

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A source close to the incident tells Us that the drama popped off when Sipes went over to the VIP area to locate a member of his party, and Drake or Beckham “gave an acknowledgment to security to get [Sipes] out of there, and it was done so in a very aggressive manner.” However, another eyewitness claimed that Sipes “talked smack” to the trio, which sparked the fight.

“Once we saw that video, we saw that Younes Bendjima was heavily involved in this assault, throwing many, many punches at our client, so we sent out a settlement demand,” Jones says. “I’m confident that [Bendjima, Drake and Beckham] will be in contact soon.”

The release of the video came weeks after Kourtney Kardashian called it quits with Bendjima after a two-year relationship.