Beyonce and Jay-Z fan who stormed concert stage blasts security in profane rant

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He ain’t sorry.

The overzealous fan who bum rushed the stage during Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On the Run Tour II Atlanta concert stop has a few words for her security and dancers who beat him down.

“Y’all n*ggas hit like b*tches.”

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Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell, 26, the drunken fan who was accosted by a swarm of Beyonce and Jay’s security team for running up on the stage, has been slapped with a new charge of simple battery by Atlanta police.

Maxwell, however, has been posting social media messages and doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson after making headlines for charging at Bey and Jay last Saturday after they said goodbye to fans and exited the Mercedes-Benz Stadium stage.

Maxwell claims he was beaten, resulting in a number of cuts and bruises that he’s been showing off on social media. Although Maxwell was initially arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and released, Atlanta police added an additional charge after learning that Maxwell actually made contact with Jay-Z, 11 Alive reports.

Atlanta Police released a statement Sunday afternoon:

“As the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert was ending late Saturday night, a man later identified as Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell (age 26) ran onto the stage and approached Jay-Z. He was quickly stopped by people who were with the performer. Atlanta Police arrived and issued the man a citation for disorderly conduct and released him. At the time, there was no evidence Maxwell had made contact with Jay-Z. Upon later investigation, officers were able to gather evidence showing Maxwell had, in fact, made contact with Jay-Z. APD has subsequently secured warrants to add additional charges of simple battery. Maxwell was treated for minor injuries on scene sustained when people around Jay-Z stopped him from further contact with the performer.”

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If it’s attention Maxwell wants, attention he will get.

Since the incident Maxwell has been posting thirsty pics on social media.

“Still look good, I look ✈ wish u could touch my swag wish you could,” he wrote in one Facebook post.”

Maxwell also posted another thirsty pic “flexin” his abs.

According to an Instagram post from Beyonce’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, the celebrity couple is doing just fine. In fact, their Sunday show in Atlanta went on without a hitch.

Maxwell may not have gotten the message just yet that there’s a warrant for his arrest.

He continued to post a series of messages about the encounter.

“Was gonna let him up so we can fight one on one but niggas want to jump in and it’s between me and him. That nigga can’t fight and he’s been sneak dissin.”

Boy, have a seat.

However, on Sunday, Beyonce let fans know that she was watching her back and was good-and-ready for a crazed fan to come at her. She ended her show by taking a karate-like stance and kicking her long legs in the air, demonstrating a karate kick.

Clearly, don’t start none, won’t be none is the Queen’s new mantra.