Jamal Speaks, a senior at Ballou High School in Washington, D.C., kicked off football team due to being homeless

Jamal Speaks (NBC Washington)

He was on his way to becoming a star college football player– but now he’s been kicked off the team– and it’s because he’s homeless.

18-year- old- Jamal Speaks— a senior at Ballou High School in Washington, D.C. is facing the unthinkable.

The teenager says his principal kicked him off the football team right before he was about to play at the southeast cup all because he didn’t have a permanent address.

Speaks had a verbal offer to play football at Temple if he kept his grades up– but now that’s in jeopardy. Speaks father died– and with no family support, he couch surfs.

According to nbc4, DC schools say they can’t verify his address. A local council member has written a letter on speaks behalf and supporters want the teen to get back on the team, so he can continue pursuing his goals.

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