Grio Good News Report | Melissa Butler, CEO of ‘The Lip Bar’

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She was once rejected on Shark Tank, now she’s breaking ground on her very own store.

Today’s Grio Good News Report comes from Detroit, Michigan, where Melissa Butler, the CEO of The Lip Bar is making her dreams come true.

Back in 2012, Butler had an idea to create a lipstick line that truly complemented her beauty but also respected the environment.

Butler decided to challenge the beauty standard, by creating The Lip Bar- a totally vegan and cruelty-free product, absent of harsh chemicals in stunning colors.

When she went on Shark Tank in the early days, she got nothing but disrespect:

“If anybody thought they could sell purple or green lipstick, they’d do it.  they’d add another color. and they would crush you like the colorful cockroaches you are…” 

Last year, The Lip Bar opened up a pop-up shop in Detroit that was slated for three months but quickly turned into a year.

They officially closed their doors in July, to make way for their brand new flagship location in downtown Detroit.

What started as a company in Melissa Butler’s kitchen, has now expanded to a business that ships internationally, and a partnership with hundreds of Target stores across the country.

As the great Queen Bey once said: “best revenge is your paper.”