When most of the people in power don’t look like you, it’s hard to relate sometimes, let alone believe, that change is possible. It’s important to remember though that this is exactly what the powerful count on: you not showing up. All the more reason to prove them wrong.

In a few weeks, Americans will once again head to the voting booth. This isn’t a Presidential election year, but the 2018 midterm elections could very well be the most pivotal election of our lifetime. We, the people, have to not only participate in the electoral process, but also educate ourselves about the issues and demand that those seeking to represent us provide more than just lip service.

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The team here at  theGrio has put together our agenda for the 2018 midterms to remind you why we must vote and why those votes have got to count. This is our manifesto; our decree to hold candidates accountable and let them know our concerns, our mandate and the reasons why supporting individuals who reflect these interests with both our manpower and dollars is pivotal.

Watch the video above to get a look at the issues that matter to us most. #BlackVoterPower

Learn more about theGrio’s stance on the midterm elections’ important issues impacting Black America by reading our manifesto and following the #BlackVoterPower hashtag.