Viral video catches white woman hurling racial slurs at black men

After having a white woman direct the n-word at them, two black men decided not to take it lying down

Racial Slurs

A heavily circulated video on social media showing a white woman randomly hurling racial slurs at two black men in Kansas City, has resulted her losing her job after the target of the attack took action.

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Drake Lewis, 21, was one of the men shown in the viral video posted on Twitter under his @Weslyinfinity account on Wednesday. Lewis was so taken aback by the woman’s nasty tirade, that he took out his cell phone and captured the shocking moment for all to see.

“So yesterday me and my homie Sam were out taking photos in the power and light district via KCMO when we overheard this lady say ‘these (expletive N-word)’ when we walked by,” Lewis wrote on Twitter. “I told her not to say that and then I started recording.”

The woman continued her invective saying, “It is what it is. I’m a white (expletive) cracker, you a caramel (N-word).”

Lewis said the woman’s verbal attack was unprovoked.

“It was really random,” Lewis told the Kansas City Star on Thursday. “Me and my friend were just out taking photos and we were walking down the street talking about different stuff and we overheard the lady.”

Lewis said he tried to reason with the woman, and ask her not to use the words but it didn’t work.

Lewis fried, however, got fed up.

He returned the verbal assault and called the woman a “hick,” “cracker” and an “ugly (expletive).”

“He was outraged,” Lewis said.

Lewis said his friend is Samoan-American and has been the victim of nasty racist attacks so he took it to heart. He said his friend has been called a “sand (N-word)” in the past. “He gets it all the time,” Lewis said.

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The Star reports that they were contacted by someone who worked with the woman and confirmed that the woman was fired from her job. The person asked to remain anonymous.

This incident is just one of the latest attacks against Black folks for simply doing routine activities.

Recently a black man had the cops called on him by a white woman for coaching his kid’s soccer game from the sidelines. Also, a little boy in Brooklyn has been traumatized by a white woman who falsely accused him of groping her in a store. She called the cops on the child, but surveillance cameras proved she lied.

Lewis said he posted the video to combat racism.

“I posted it to expose how people really are and to show that racism is pretty much everywhere. I’m just really tired of the disrespect.”