Dave Chappelle thinks Kanye West’s White House visit was “a manic episode”

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How’s this for a punchline: Dave Chappelle believes Kanye West was having “a manic episode” during his visit with President Donald Trump.

During a performance in Dublin, Ireland, the comedian was asked by a fan on his thoughts about the rapper’s bizarre appearance in the Oval Office last week that attracted international attention.

“When Kanye put that Make America Great Again hat on, he was like, ‘This is like my cape,’ and I was saying to myself, ‘N—-, just wear a cape!’

“Honestly, all jokes aside, I felt like my friend is bipolar and I felt like he was having a manic episode on television,” Chappelle continued, according to the website TooFab. “And I was initially angry that they paraded him in front of those cameras. Kanye thinks and says things as fast as he thinks them, without refining them before he says them.”

Chapelle discussed further West’s erratic no-filter appearance in D.C. in which the hip-hop star discussed his “false” bipolar disorder, that MAGA hat making him feel like a superhero and a new presidential airliner. The comedian compared West’s actions to Jack Johnson, the controversial and first Black world heavyweight boxing champion

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West, Chappelle said, is a rich person who happens to be black and wants the entitlement he thinks comes with his wealth. “He’s completely analogous and this has happened before. This mother—— is Jack Johnson.”

Chappelle further said, “I don’t think [West] forgot us. I trust him as a person of intent. I just think that this n—- is betting on the wrong horse.” He went on reiterate similar comments he recently said on CNN that while he loves and supports West, he doesn’t agree with him supporting Trump.

The comic also told the Dublin crowd that he “knows well enough” not to take political advice from West. Chappelle joked that he’s “keeping my Yeezys and still buying the records, but when he’s on CNN, n—-, I’m turning the channel.”