Kanye West donates $73,000 to Chicago Mayoral candidate Amara Enyia

What does this move say about Kanye's true political leanings?

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Kanye West just put his money where his mouth is not.

The rapper who has been championing Donald Trump donated $73,540 to the campaign of Chicago Mayoral candidate Amara Enyia on Monday, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The generous contribution is the exact amount Enyia was fined for failing to file documents properly during her 2015 campaign for Mayor. She needed to pay the fine in order to be eligible to run for the office again and that’s where Ye stepped in.

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We’re guessing he may have been influenced by his pal and fellow Chicago native, Chance The Rapper, who recently announced plans to campaign for Enyia extensively.

Considering Enyia’s platform is in stark contrast to the POTUS Yeezb is so supportive of, we’re wondering if his true political leanings are more liberal than he lets on.

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Oddly enough, Kanye West was photographed with Dennis Rodman, another Trump supporter, not he same day he dropped the cash. No word on exactly what led to the meet up, but considering Rodman’s controversial past, let’s hope we don’t end up with the blind leading the blind.

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