Kanye West goes full MAGA as his fantastic voyage into the Sunken Place continues

No need to even try to explain this one. The rapper seems to be in rare form on Twitter

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It bears repeating that in September 2005, Kanye West famously blurted out “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” while standing next to a stunned Mike Myers during a post-Hurricane Katrina telethon.

One must wonder if that Kanye was genuine or an opportunist. After joining Hot 97’s Ebro and proclaiming his love for President Donald Trump, who – it must be repeated – insists the Central Park 5 are still guilty, has been accused of sexually assaulting numerous women, and attempted to ban thousands of people from this country based on their faith, Kanye is back on Twitter today and he’s apparently gone full MAGA.

He even has Trump’s seal of approval.

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Kanye has spent most of Wednesday tweeting incoherently, posting pictures from (presumably) his home asking if “it looks like the ‘Sunken Place” before posting this tweet wearing the infamous hat:

That’s Kanye West, wearing the red hat that has become synonymous with not only Trump, but scores of his supporters. It’s a hat and phrase that has also become heavily associated with white supremacist groups and the “Alt-Right.”

But at least Kanye got his personally autographed. There’s that.

It seems that if Kanye is using this as away to promote his alleged new albums, it might do very well with conservatives, but find him losing a lot of his loyal supporters.

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