Black Twitter brings receipts for Rebel Wilson’s claims she’s first full-figured woman to play romantic lead

Rebel Wilson is a plus-sized woman whose knowledge of Black movies is pretty small.

It has to be since she’s out here making false statements about being “the first-ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy,” in the upcoming Valentine’s Day movie, Isn’t It Romantic. Wilson talked with Ellen without checking anybody’s resume receipts or even asking an intern to Google “big girls in comedies.”

If she had, the clueless Bridesmaid actress would have learned that the “first” she appropriated and made her own, had already been covered ground by talented Black women.

Queen Latifah, in fact, has been one of those women getting her groove on on-screen with handsome love interests while making folks bust their guts with a good laugh.

So Rebel, what you’re not gonna’ do is make women like Latifah take a back seat because of your obliviousness to her roles in rom-coms and her star power and sexy thickness that has oozed across our screens long before you came along.

Honey, the Queen has reigned in movies like the 2006 hit Last Holiday with the tall drink of water otherwise known as LL Cool J. Let’s not forget 2010’s Just Wright with Common.

And don’t you dare think Loretta Devine doesn’t deserve her shine for sashaying away from Gregory Hines, as the single momma Gloria Matthews in the 1995 hit move Waiting to Exhale. Then she hit him with the memorable line “Oh God, I hope he’s not watching me walk away?” as her voluptuous ass did walk away in an unforgettable moment in Black movie history that deserves a bow all in itself.

Mo’Nique, a comedian and actress, has also played in several romantic comedies and the list goes on.

Wilson is just doing what comes easy to her and that’s to sip milk, watch re-runs of ‘Friends’ while thinking of ways to whitewash and rewrite history so that the new narrative is reflected on her Wikipedia page and becomes alternative facts in the history of white folks.

But Black Twitter wasn’t having it…

While we’re thrilled that voluptuous chicks are getting more shine in movies, and “eating” before they are securing the checks, be sure not to shade the ones who did the hard work to get a seat at the table too.