Andrew Gillum Sends Message to Trump and DeSantis: “The politics of hatred and separation have come to an end”



With a crowd of supporters cheering him on, Andrew Gillum cast his ballot for governor of Florida this morning at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Tallahassee, FL.

Gillum paused to speak with reporters after casting his vote from himself in Florida’s closely watched gubernatorial race. He joked that he tried to look at his wife, R. Jai Gillum, to see what she was doing in her booth and she confirmed that she voted for him as well.

Holding his baby son in his arms, and with his two older children at his side, Gillum expressed satisfaction at a campaign he says was run with class and focused on the policy instead of nonsense.
“All the way along we tried to talk about the issues that matter to people,” Gillum told the press.
“People are going out and they’re voting for something and not against. And by voting for something, we’re returning the politics of decency and what’s right and what’s common between all of us.”
When asked about what it would mean to make history as Florida’s first African-American governor— a southern state which is traditionally Republican—Gillum responded:
“We’ll worry about history later but today, we’re working to win.”


Gillum also spoke to the crowd about the issues that caused him to run for office and said his message to Trump and DeSantis is clear, “The politics of hatred and separation have come to an end.”