Michigan’s governor-elect quickly lays out plans for her new administration

With the state's first black lieutenant governor at her side, Gretchen Whitmer announced some big plans for the Great Lakes State.


Michigan Gov.-elect Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is willing to work across the aisle with the Republican-controlled Legislature and offered an encouraging outlook for the next four years in the governor’s mansion, the Detroit Free Press reports.

She will also bring to the state capitol Michigan’s first African American lieutentant governor, Garlin Gilchrist II, a Detroit-born activist, who served as a social media manager for President Obama’s campaign in 2008.

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On Wednesday, after defeating Republican Bill Schuette in the Michigan governor’s race Tuesday, Whitmer laid out her plans to lead Michigan which includes relaxing marijuana regulations, easing prison sentences for prisoners convicted of Marijuana-related crimes.

“For conduct that now would be considered legal, no one should bear a lifetime record,” Whitmer said at a news conference at the Motor City Casino and Hotel in Detroit.

“We will start taking a look at that and taking some actions early next year.”

Also on Whitmer’s agenda is fixing the roads which have long sat in disrepair, infrastructure, and finally, properly addressing the nearly five-year-old Flint water crisis.

“I am incredibly humbled that you put your trust in me to be your next governor,” Whitmer told supporters at Motor City Casino during her victory speech. “This victory belongs to you.”

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder congratulated Whitmer Wednesday morning.

“My team is committed to doing everything we can to position this administration to hit the ground running and continue serving Michiganders,” he said.

Whitmer becomes Michigan’s second female governor when she is sworn in on Jan. 1. The state’s first woman to hold the office was Jennifer Granholm, who served from 2003 to 2011.

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