Gretchen Whitmer

GOP ex-Detroit Police Chief James Craig all but launched his campaign for governor, seeking to become Michigan’s first Black governor.
/ July 21, 2021
One of six men charged in an alleged plot to snatch Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has agreed to plead guilty to a kidnapping conspiracy.
/ January 27, 2021
A federal grand jury has charged six men with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in an anti-government plot.
/ December 17, 2020
One of the suspects charged in a plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking a judge to reconsider her decision to keep him behind bars.
/ November 1, 2020
Among the armed protesters who rallied at the Michigan Capitol were some of the men now accused in stunning plots to kidnap her.
Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has reacted to the foiled plot by militia members to kidnap and possibly kill her.
/ October 8, 2020
Gretchen Whitmer Michigan executive orders
Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has been denied the ability to issue executive orders leaving unemployment tenuous for 800,000.
/ October 6, 2020
Flint Ends Its Distribution Of Bottled Water In Wake Of The City's Contaminated Water Crisis
The state of Michigan is expected to announce that a $600 million settlement will be paid to victims of the Flint water crisis.
/ August 20, 2020
The lineup of speakers for the Democratic National Convention has been announced including Barack Obama and Kamala Harris.
/ August 12, 2020
Since committing to choosing a woman as vice president back in January, Democratic presidential presumptive nominee Joe Biden has ruined the suspense.
/ August 10, 2020
Black Lives Matter in Lansing, Michigan is demanding a 20% police defunding estimated to be around $10 million, according to its calculation.
/ June 21, 2020
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects deaths due to the virus to reach 135,461 Americans by the middle of July.
/ June 19, 2020
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says she feels pressure to reopen the state of Michigan and has interjected stricter gun laws, banning fire arms from the capital.
/ May 7, 2020
Reports reveal that white supremacists in America are using the coronavirus pandemic to stoke fears and add to their ranks.
/ May 4, 2020
Black Panther_Michigan Protester
Photos of the protestors inside of the Michigan Capitol building reminded people of the Black Panthers who once stormed the California Capitol building.
/ May 1, 2020
Hundreds of protestors demonstrated against Michigan’s stay-at-home order on Thursday, with several armed protestors storming the Michigan Capitol building.
/ April 30, 2020
White House adviser Stephen Moore called Trump-supporting protesters the “modern-day Rosa Parks” after rallying against coronavirus shutdowns in Michigan.
/ April 18, 2020