D.L. Hughley calls transgender woman p**** as he defends Kevin Hart over homophobic gay jokes

D.L. Hughley
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

D.L. Hughley came to the defense of his comedic brother Kevin Hart after the Oscars controversy, but it caused a ripple of disgust after when he called “Pose” actress Indya Moore, who is a transgender woman, a “p*ssy.”

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Hughley doesn’t see the big deal with Hart’s homophobic jokes and took sides with the comedian after the firestorm landed Hart in hot water with the Academy who gave him an ultimatum saying he should apologize for his decade-old gay jokes or they would seek a new host for the 2019 Oscars.

Hart went back and forth online explaining that he’d been there, done that with saying sorry and he’d rather step down from the once in a lifetime opportunity than have to apologize once again. Ultimately, after some backlash, he did eventually apologize via tweet. Hughley, on the other hand, believes Hart should have stood his ground.

Enter Indya Moore, who wrote to Hughley: “White people standing up for racism in comedy. @RealDLHughley. But you can’t see that because gay jokes are so popular and normalized. you can’t balance or evaluate the ethics of an issue you aren’t impacted by or really care brother just stop… You bias!”

Hughley shot back: “I could give less than a damn what you think if u don’t dig it don’t listen! But I’d never apologize for a joke.”


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Hughley got into a tit for tat with Moore who tried to explain to the comedian that she was often the brunt of gay jokes. But Hughley had no sympathy and fired off:

“I make a living doing what love, put kids through college, paid for my homes, and travel the world, and still don’t give a shit what a p*ssy like u thinks.”

Still trying to add context to the conversation, Moore responded to Hughley’s rant against her saying:

“Comedy is a excruciatingly poor justification for being a bigot,” Moore tweeted. “I make people laugh all the time without making fun of other people.”


Moore went on to describe the feeling of being laughed at in the classroom for being perceived as different, adding, “the only difference between you and the bully that made me the laughing stock is you get paid for it, and you act like that’s the only way you could work.”

“The psychological impact of a JOKE is detrimental not only to the mental health of the individual who is the comedic subject but also their physical safety,” Moore explained. “There are consequences for the things you say no matter who it makes laugh.”

She stood her ground an tore into Hughley with even more tweets:




Hughley’s response didn’t go over well for many of Twitter who tore into the comedian for the name-calling against Moore.