EXCLUSIVE: 5 reasons ‘Bird Box’ star Trevante Rhodes is our new #Bae

Rhodes brings some joy to a very scary movie.

travante rhodes

If you’re not familiar with Trevante Rhodes it’s time to wake up and smell the sexy.

The actor who played “Chiron” in Moonlight is back on the big screen in Netflix’s latest thriller, Bird Box. 

While the film is full of seriously scary moments, we could barely stop drooling over it’s leading man whenever he lit up the screen with that devastating smile and impossibly chiseled chest poking out from under his shirt.

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We caught up with the actor and learned why he was attracted to his role in the frightening film and found out he’s even better in person.

Here are 5 reasons Trevante Rhodes is our new #Bae:

He’s just so sexy. 

We didn’t need an interview to learn this fun fact but in person, this man is a quietstorm of sex appeal. Unlike some other actors who have starred in Oscar-winning movies, Rhodes is as friendly and chill as the cameraman. We even bumped into him waiting for his car at valet as if he wasn’t just sitting in in the hottest reserved for celebrities only.

He was raised right. 

One of the most striking parts of this insanely intense film is the loving way Rhodes’ character interacts with two children who aren’t his. When asked how he tapped into that part of his role, he revealed the warmth is just part of his DNA. “I want to say that’s just how I am to be honest. That’s how I was raised,” he says. “I try to be as present as possible.” 

He thinks for the culture. 

In Bird Box, Trevante Rhodes stars opposite one of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters, Sandra Bullock. He held his own and revealed part of what attracted him to the role was the way the film portrayed him as a Black man. “I was raised by a single mother so I feel like there is a need to see strong black men for sure,” he explains. “Strong men, but I’m Black, so one hundred percent.”

He has a great sense of humor. 

The humble hottie admitted that Bird Box was just as scary for him to watch as it was for the rest of us, but he still managed to find some humor in the situation, especially when he shot scenes with Lil Rel Howery. 

“Rel is a funny guy. Top to bottom, any time he’s on set, it’s fun,” he says. As far as the movie goes,  “It kept me on the edge of my seat every second.” When asked what sense he would give up if he had a choice, his answer made tons of sense.  “I would give up my sense of smell because you don’t want to smell nothing stanky, anyway.” 

He’s complimentary of his costars. 

Rhodes revealed that one of the highlights of the project was working with the team. “The script was so good to me. It was something I hadn’t experienced before on the screen. And then working with Sandy (Sandra Bullock) and Susanne [Bier], that was it.” 

Bird Box hits Netflix on December 21. Check out the trailer: