Ex-Georgia superintendent under more fire after further accusation of racism

New allegations have surfaced about the head of a Georgia school system who left after being accused of racial discrimination

The ex-superintendent of the Buford City School System in Georgia, is being accused of irrational and volatile behavior.

According the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday, in a new legal filing, former Buford High School Principal Banks Bitterman is accusing Geye Hamby of creating a volatile and racially charged work environment that became increasingly abusive. Hamby resigned in August after being placed on administrative leave.

“He’d lose his temper in a heartbeat and yell, ‘I’m going to kill that (expletive),’” Bitterman said. “I’m going to kill this. I’m going to kill, kill, kill. I’m going to (expletive) that person, (expletive) this person.”

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Backing up these allegations is the fact that an enraged Hamby was caught on tape hurling a a racist rant against black construction workers.

“F*ck that n****r. I’ll kill these – shoot that (expletive) if they let me,” he could reportedly be heard saying on the footage.

Initially the school board took no action against Hamby stating they had not been able to verify the tape’s authenticity. A lawyer for the school board also said it may have been made through “illegal surveillance.”

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But ultimately the incident led to the superintendent resigning amidst the threat of a race-discrimination lawsuit. This current filing was made as part of that suit by Mary Ingram.

“In discrimination cases, evidence of expressions of racial bias and evidence of other instances of race discrimination are relevant and admissible,” said Ingram’s attorney, Ed Buckley. “That Mr. Hamby harbored a racial bias — comments about other blacks and use of the n-word — we think that is highly probative.”

Prior to his resignation Hamby was paid $308,000 a year prior in his position.

You can listen to the racist rant below with the explicit words beeped out.

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