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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, made her first public appearence at Trooping the Colour, a celebration of the Queen's official birthday. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, paid a visit to the charity One25, which gives support and resources to former and current sex workers, in the city last Friday in Bristol, England.

She, along with Prince Harry, made lunch baskets for the women. Then Markle decided  to write inspirational messages to the women on bananas that were included with the meal. The messages included “You are strong,” “You are brave,” and “You are special.”

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Markle’s messages of empowerment largely drew praise around the U.K. and on social media. However, one man seemed to have an issue with it: Piers Morgan.

The former CNN host Morgan, seemingly taking time away from complaining about Gillette’s recent ad calling out toxic masculinity, appeared on Good Morning Britain to call the messages “patronizing” and saying that they would open up the women to ridicule.

“Giving a sex worker a banana is clearly exposing her to potential mockery,” Morgan said during the show after mocking Markle. “Hand me my Sharpie, my moment has come to empower sex workers.”

Morgan seemingly harbors some bitterness from their former friendship and used the gesture as another moment to snipe at her publicly. He claimed in a Daily Mail column in December that she cut him off after she began seeing Prince Harry.

“I knew her for about a year and a half, got on really well with her,” Morgan said. “When someone more important and influential came along, in the shape of Prince Harry, I was instantly dumped like a sack of spuds,” he added.

Someone else who has a problem with Markle’s positive message is her estranged sister Samantha Markle. In a series of tweets, according to Yahoo, from her protected Twitter account, Markle – like Morgan – seemed to miss the point of the gesture.

“I was hoping my sister would give them each a beautiful bouquet of flowers, words of strength, and enough money to change their lives,” Samantha said. “That is what #humanitarians do. Bananas? WTF.”

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“Maybe when she’s asking for the big spending allowance, Charles should just give her a banana with some writing on it instead of cash,” she bitterly continued. Samantha later showed the roots of her issue with her sister, later tweeting about their father, Thomas Markle.

“If she can say ‘you are strong, you are brave, you are special’ on a banana to a sex worker, she can say ‘you are strong, you are wonderful, and you are special and I love you’ on a banana to our father,” she said. “Just my humble opinion.”