romantic depot

Although many consider President Barack Obama one of the best presidents in U.S. history, there are still people that think otherwise. One person that can be added to the bunch is a New York man who was caught snatching a mannequin of the 44th president from a lingerie shop and throwing it to the ground.

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Security footage from the targeted shop is called Romantic Depot and is located in Harlem. Video shows the unnamed man picking up a cinderblock and throwing it into the window and shattering the glass. After picking his glove up off the ground, the man reaches in the lingerie store, grabs the mannequin’s arm and throws it down before walking off. The reported cost of this act of vandalism was $1,000 in damages.

According to Fox News, the owner of the store Glen Buzzetti said the Obama mannequin was dressed as a prince in the window, while President Trump was dressed as a princess wearing a Make America Great Again Hat.

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Buzzetti said the man “definitely was a Trump supporter who was very angry with Obama’s policies, and he kept on repeating it after he was caught that he hated Obama and Obama ruined the country.”

The angry Trump supporter also said that the mannequin looked at him funny after the incident.

“He said, ‘That doll was giving me bad looks. I’m tired of him. Obama brought the country down,’ ” according to Buzzetti. “He said he walks by the store every day and sees Obama every day and it made him really angry.”

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Obama supporters weren’t having it. The store owner said right after the assailant was stopped by one of his security team members, the man was surrounded by Obama fans.

“We had to protect [the suspect] from the crowd,” the store owner said. “He could have been killed. We had women trying to kick him in the head. We had to protect him because he had damaged the Obama image.”

Check out the footage below: