‘Jesus in the flesh’: Flashy preacher accused of being in sex tape with multiple women

A Texas pastor who boasts of "money miracles" was blasted for what one critic says is a video of him in a sexually compromising position


Texas “prophet” and internet preacher Joshua Holmes, has gone viral several times in the last few months due to his flashy appearance and ministry theatrics. But the man who devotees have called “Jesus in the flesh,” has now been caught up in a sex tape scandal.

According to the Christian Post, last Wednesday, media personality Larry Reid reported on his show that he was sent the explicit recordings of the preacher. The two leaked video recordings show Holmes clearly engaged explicit sexual acts with two women, neither of whom are his wife.

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“This is a sex tape. This is a sexual escapade captured on the phone,” said Reid in reference to the recordings.

This is just the latest controversy involving the flamboyant young minister, who has been slammed by critics who believe his “money miracles” and penchant for making viral content is a dangerous departure from traditional Christianity.

Prior to the release of the sex tapes, several former members of Holmes’ flock, like Yasir Wright, accused him of fraud. Wright also took to social media to allege the preacher was guilty of sleeping with several women in his church even though he is a married father.

Former follower and close friend called out the preacher during a live stream.

Ironically, while Holmes has yet to respond to sex scandal, he continues to post videos promising to take followers out of poverty and help them “never commit another sin.”

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“I’m talking about entertaining God, the prophet and the angels. If you understand these three realms, you’ll never be broke, you’ll never have another sin that you commit in your life. You’ll never commit another sin if you learn this,” he said in a recent video he posted on Periscope.

“I have a miracle ministry and a lot of people have been getting healed,” Holmes claimed while sharing an anecdote about how he moved into a mansion 48 hours after sowing thousands of dollars into the ministry of televangelist Mike Murdock.

You can check out the clip below.

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