Michael Jackson’s ex-bodyguard says ‘Leaving Neverland’ left out important detail

According to the man who spend a decade on the singer's security detail, the documentary left out one detail that brings its credibility into question


Michael Jackson’s former personal bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, said he thinks the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland was one-sided and left out a key detail germane to the accusations.

According to U.K. tabloid The Mirror, Fiddes worked for Jackson for ten years until his 2009 death. Fiddes, 40, said the producers of the documentary, which ran on HBO earlier this month, left out that accusers Wade Robson and James Safeschuck have launched lawsuits against Jackson’s estate – which potentially could see them cashing in on their claims.

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Fiddes, who now heads up a multi-million dollar global fitness company, called the allegations against Jackson “nonsense,” in an interview with BBC Wiltshire radio Tuesday night, according to The Mirror.

In the BBC Wiltshire interview, Fiddes said he thought the Jackson family was dealing with the sexual abuse allegations and fallout from the documentary as well as could be expected.

“Lately it’s been everywhere. No one was expecting this year to be anything other than a celebration of his dance and his music,” Fiddes said. “It’s 10 years since his passing.”

“I step back and watch what’s going on. Obviously the estate has launched a lawsuit against the broadcasters, and the guys in the programme are suing the estate,” Fiddes said, according to The Mirror. “That was missed out of the programme and that was the most upsetting part for those who knew Michael as a person.”

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The Jackson family has filed a lawsuit against HBO and are considering suing Robson and Safeschuck.

In a recent interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Taj and Brandi Jackson, Michael’s nephew and niece, continue to stress that their uncle is innocent and that the alleged victims are after money.

“It makes me more angry than anything because these guys are pulling one on the public and they’re getting over,” Taj Jackson said.