Police officer gives homeless man a dog poop sandwich and gets job back after suspension

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A San Antonio community is outraged after a police officer is back on the job after he was dismissed for giving a homeless man a feces sandwich.

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Officer Matthew Luckhurst reportedly put dog crap in between two pieces of old bread that was lying on the ground and placed it in a Styrofoam container to make it appear like a meal and placed it next to a sleeping homeless man. The man woke up and thinking it was food from a local religious group. He opened the container and possibly ate the poo before smelling it and realizing it was feces.

Luckhurst admitted putting together the sh*t sandwich for the homeless man in the area he and a partner were patrolling. He says the man woke up, and handled the ‘sandwich’ before dropping it once he smelled it.

The public was outraged and lashed out online at the officer.

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On October 28, 2016 Luckhurst was fired which was within the 180 days of the alleged incident.

However a technicality on a date discrepancy aided him in getting his job back.

The dismissal was overturned after arguing that the incident fell outside the window for allowing him to be indefinitely suspended. Earlier this month an arbitrator agreed with him, KSAT reported.

“The indefinite suspension is overturned due to the violation of the 180-days prohibition,” the arbitrator wrote in his decision.

However, the arbitrator did note that Luckhurst’s suspension was justified and “reasonable based on just cause for Luckhurst’s action whether intentionally or grossly inappropriate, regarding the fecal sandwich being placed in a container close to a homeless person.”