Cory Booker and Kamala Harris hit the stage side-by-side at the NAACP Image Awards

The Presidential hopefuls stood shoulder to shoulder when they took the stage.

Kamala Harris & Cory Booker
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


The 50th annual NAACP Image Awards served up several moving moments, and one of our favorites happened when Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker stood shoulder to shoulder on the stage.

The two presidential hopefuls shared a warm embrace before addressing the ecstatic crowd of stars and fans.

“Cory and I are here together to remind everyone of the importance of the next 18 months not just for our community but for Americans across our country,” started Harris.

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“Because all of the issues that Kamala and I discuss with Americans every day from economic justice to gun violence to climate change to voting rights are on the line right now,” added Booker.

Kamala Harris urged the crowd to gear up for the political fight ahead.

“And our future is in the hands of everybody in this room, everyone watching at home, and every American who believes in fundamental fairness and in justice. It is time for us to lead the fights ahead and that’s why we all need to stay active and engaged. We need to register to vote; we need to get out and vote, and encourage our friends and our neighbors  to do the same.”

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“We cannot pay back those Americans who sacrificed and struggled and bled and even gave their lives for our right to vote and they paved the way for us to stand here tonight amidst all of this Black excellence, but we have got to pay it forward. So please, join us and the NAACP in speaking out and taking action,” Booker said before encouraging the crowd to seek more information at