Pharrell Williams and his son Rocket were spotted earlier in Los Angeles serving up hot food to the less fortunate for Good Friday.

Williams, 46, and his eldest son made their over to Skid Row to kick off Holy weekend by helping others. The Los Angeles Mission partake in the tradition annually, by not only handing out meals, but also providing the less fortunate with goes and an Easter basket. According to Hot New Hip Hop, it was reported that this year about 4,000 people were fed apple-glazed pork, mac and cheese and King’s Hawaiian rolls. The meal was topped off with helping of peach crisp for dessert.

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The famed producer and rapper is no novice to a kind deed. Pharrell helps carry out various tasks and contributions throughout the year, with his most recent being Thanksgiving and of course, Good Friday of this year.

During an interview with the Evening Standard back in 2018, Pharrell doted on being a successful musician, husband and father of four (Rocket and a set of triplets). He  noted that he feels a “responsibility” to give back to others, after having been blessed with so much:

“It’s not out of pressure as much as it is out of responsibility that I feel to the universe. The universe has given me so much… When you get older you realize that there were so many people that the universe used and that conspired to get you to that place, and so you have to return that favor. You have to stand in line and help, you know, recognize or help people acknowledge themselves and recognize that they’re stars and if they stand in the right place, they can be part of the greater constellation. That’s my job,” he exclaimed.


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Performing a good dead with a good dad- now that’s father-son goals!