Kindergartner walks out of hospital weeks after getting struck in the head by stray bullet

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Kemiyah Edwards is truly an angel surrounded by angels.

The kindergartner is alive and well and walked out of a Virginia hospital a little over a month after surviving being shot in the head inside of her family’s Henrico, Virginia home.

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According to WTVR, on April 4, Kemiyah’s grandmother put her “into a car and stopped for help at the Oak Hill Shopping Plaza a few blocks away” after the 5-year-old was struck in the head by a stray bullet.

Kemiyah who has been named as the “5-year-old princess” has endured weeks of difficult treatment in the ICU. And noted still, “she has a very hard long road ahead.”

On April 21, Harris wrote that “Kemiyah is doing much better as she is moving all her limbs and showing more of her personality.”

A Facebook Fundraiser was set up to help the family cover Kemiyah’s medical costs.

“We are so thankful for all the donations, gifts cards and support that she already has received,” Reckalynn Harris wrote on Wednesday. “Please continue to pray for her.”

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“She had a long day yesterday seeing family and friends and it wore her out,” Harris added. “She still has another surgery that she has to have but is doing so well the family appreciates everyone. This has been a journey for all of us and will continue to be. Please still continue to pray for her.”

Her community is rallying around Kemiyah who is a cheerleader for the Chamberlayne Packers.

“She remembers the people that she knew before the accident. She remembers the songs and there’s video out there when she was in the hospital doing the Chamberlayne Packers cheers while she was in the hospital… So, she still remembers her cheers and we are thankful for that,” said her Coach James Benson.

The team is planning an upcoming fish fry fundraiser for Kemiyah on May 18 at Kleuhr field.