Rep. Amash is first Republican to publicly slam Trump for his ‘impeachable conduct’

Over the weekend, the GOP representative went on a lengthy Twitter tirade against Bill Marr and his handling of the Mueller report

US Rep. Justin Amash just became the first member of the GOP to publicly join calls for the impeachment process.


Many Democrats have called for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, but an overwhelming majority of the GOP disagree that the former reality television star is an incompetent, racist who, on a daily, bamboozles the political spectrum with his Twitter rants, gaslighting tactics and alleged lies and misleadings.

However, Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash doesn’t share the sentiment of Trump’s defenders. Amid the controversy over the Mueller report, on Saturday, Amash became the first Republican to publicly conclude that Trump committed “impeachable conduct” and accused Attorney General William Barr of intentionally misleading the public, CNN reports.

Amash’s comments came after he read Mueller’s redacted report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, and he is the first congressional Republican to publicly call out Trump for conduct that meets the “threshold for impeachment.”

“Our Constitution is brilliant and awesome; it deserves a government to match it,” Amash tweeted on Saturday.

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He also slammed Barr for “deliberately” misrepresenting Mueller’s report with a four-page summary sent to Congress in March, according to NBC News. Barr concluded that Mueller’s report noted the lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute the president for possible obstruction of justice, conspiracy or what Trump has called collusion, the report states.

“Contrary to Barr’s portrayal, Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment,” Amash tweeted.

“In fact,” he added, “Mueller’s report identifies multiple examples of conduct satisfying all the elements of obstruction of justice, and undoubtedly any person who is not the president of the United States would be indicted based on such evidence.”

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Some Democrats and anti-Trump activists are praising Amash for speaking out at a time of rabid, widespread Republican support for the president’s dismissal of the Mueller report.

Amash is reportedly a libertarian conservative who happens to not be a staunch Trump supporter. In the two years since Trump won the presidency, the lawmaker has been distancing himself from his Republican allies who appear to be ride or die for the Trump administration.