Rah Ali from ‘Love & Hip Hop loses baby in premature delivery

The reality show star, who had kept her pregnancy secret began to deliver her child at five months and eventually suffered the devastating loss

Rah Ali attends OK! Magazine 12th Annual New York Fashion Week Celebration at Up & Down on September 6, 2018 in New York. (Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

Love & Hip Hop: New York alum Rah Ali gave birth to a baby girl prematurely on Sunday, and the baby died almost immediately after, TMZ and other news organizations are reporting.

Ali, 35, was not due to give birth until the middle of October and had planned to announce her baby girl’s impending arrival with a series of photos next month, according to People.

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Ali, who was five months pregnant, was at home on Sunday when her water broke and contractions began, according to TMZ. Ali was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were not able to save the premature infant.

All of the reality star’s doctors said there was no sign of trouble during her pregnancy, according to the news organization.

Various news organizations are reporting that rapper Nicki Minaj has been trying to comfort Ali, her friend, during the crisis.

Ali made headlines last year when Minaj explained it was actually Ali who interjected when rapper Cardi B tossed a shoe at Minaj in the now-famous altercation during New York Fashion Week.

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Minaj referred to the dust up during an episode of her show, Queens Radio, on Beats 1.

“Rah really beat Cardi’s ass bad,” Minaj said. “I was mad at Rah. You went home and told people security hit you and we let that ride for legal reasons.”

Minaj has been doing all she can to comfort her friend in the wake of her loss, TMZ reported. She’s been telephoning and checking on her and doing what she can to lift her mood, according to the news organization.

Ali had kept her pregnancy a secret.

Last year, Ali took to Instagram to celebrate a wedding anniversary with a husband whose name she has kept private. In the photo posted, both share a kiss beside an unidentified body of water.

“You are an honorable man — one of principle and character that can never be questioned,” Ali posted last July. “Words can’t begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for you being an amazing man and provider each and every day.”

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