‘When They See Us’ sparking calls for Linda Fairstein book boycott

Former Manhattan district attorney still stands behind her statements that sent innocent boys to prison

When They See Us

Linda Fairstein may be suffering book sales soon.

The former Manhattan district attorney responsible with charging five innocent Black juveniles, dubbed the Central Park Five, with the rape of a female jogger is back in the spotlight with the release of the Netflix docuseries, When They See Us, which premiered on Friday. Taking to social media after viewing the docuseries, people slammed Fairstein for wrongfully arresting and imprisoning the five teens, whose charges were later thrown out, but not before they served years behind bars, according to Blasting News.

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In addition to the botched Central Park rape investigation, Fairstein is best known as an author of the Alexandra Cooper books, where she covers her experiences as a New York prosecutor. That experience has some lambasting her for sending five innocent Black boys to prison for a crime they never committed.

“The #CentralPark5 case has to haunt Linda Fairstein to this day,” tweeted @balleralert. “Special place is hell for that type of lying. Thanks @ava for telling this story.” #whentheyseeus

Added @AprilTara: “Wait, so Linda Fairstein relentlessly went after these innocent kids, she helped silence a case against Harvey Weinstein, and she was part of the decision not to prosecute Dominique Strauss-Kahn … and @glamourmag awarded her Woman of the Year?” #WhenTheySeeUs

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What makes matters even worse is that apparently Fairstein still stands behind her prosecution of the Central Park 5 and believes their convictions should not have been overturned. The City of New York ended up paying the men more than 40 million dollars for their wrongful convictions.

When They See Us, which was created, written and directed by Ava DuVernay, tells the true life story of the Central Park 5 and all that they endured. People are responding to the miniseries by pledging never to support Fairstein’s books again.

Boycott it is. Maybe then, she’ll see us.