Television host and radio personality Steve Harvey is always offering advice to his fans and listeners helping people navigate the bumps they encounter in various relationships. He’s like that favorite sharp dressed uncle who says a little too much a little too loudly but is always a good time at the family reunion.

In reality, Harvey is a dad to seven children who all decided to organize a surprise Father’s Day video tribute that will melt your heart.

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Harvey has four biological children, three step children and five grandchildren and the group surprised the 62-year old with a touching tribute on a special Father’s Day episode on “STEVE,” which aired  Monday, June 10.

Although Harvey’s show run has officially ended, it went out with a bang when his kids stepped up to salute their big papa with heartfelt words of support, adoration and love. Throughout the years, Harvey has been a guiding light for all of them in multiple ways, helping them to grow into the successful, well-rounded adults they are today.

“The last 21 years of my life would not be possible if it wasn’t for you,” shared his son Wynton.

“You’ve taught me so much sacrifice and determination. You’ve always made sure you looked out for your children and their children and it’s really inspired me,” he said. “I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing example.”

All grandchildren— Benjamin (BJ), Elle, Noah, Rose, and Ezra—came together to celebrate their granddad, but it was little BJ who showed out like his grandpa during the family salute.

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“You are an amazing grandfather,” Karli (BJ’s mom) said. “The coolest grandfather,” her husband Ben Raymond chimed in.

“Say hey BJ,” Karli said before BJ shoots back, “No!”

Harvey was in stitches by his grandson’s response, admitting: “I’d be mad at my grandson BJ, but he’s just like me!” he said laughing.

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Harvey went on to say, “Becoming a father is a defining moment in a man’s life so make sure that you treat the fathers in your life very special this weekend.”

The comedian also applauded the men who stepped up in place of absent fathers. And for that, we also tip our hat to say Happy Father Day to all dads out there who doing whatever it takes to hold it down.