Sasha Obama
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The entire Obama family was on hand to cheer on Sasha Obama as she graduated from high school, including honorary family member and presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

According to The Daily Mail, on Sunday, the former First Family, Barack, Michelle, Malia along with “Uncle” Joe were all photographed by graduates and their loved ones, who were understandably excited to see them at the ceremony for the Sidwell Friends School, one of Washington D.C.’s most elite private schools.

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The former Vice President and his wife Jill Biden weren’t just there for the Sasha’s day, they were also celebrating their granddaughter Maisy’s graduation from the school, which charges a whopping $40,000 per year.

Sasha, who just turned 18 this Monday, will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall.

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After the celebration, proud grandpa Biden posted a photo of himself with Jill and his granddaughter, who is the daughter of his son Hunter Biden.

Sidwell’s has a long history of having the offspring of the political elite cross their graduation stage. Chelsea Clinton also attended, as did some of the children of presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. Most recently, Malia Obama graduated ahead of her sister just three years ago in 2016.